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GCNC-Youth Garden Club – Membership-Guidelines National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC), South Atlantic Region (SAR), and The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc., (GCNC) are dedicated to sponsoring and encouraging youth gardening groups, beginning at age three and continuing through the teen years. They seek to inspire a love of gardening and the natural world in our youth, not only to improve and maintain our environment but also to share the sheer fun of “digging in the dirt”. Membership benefits include:

  • Introduction to the art and science of gardening using fundamental math, reading and writing skills, as well as practical applications.

  • Increased awareness of the environment, natural resources, ecology, conservation, composting, and recycling.

  • Help in raising standardized test scores, especially in science.

  • Encouragement of creativity through observing the cycle of life.

  • Development of leadership skills.

  • Opportunity for participation and recognition in state, regional and national contests and awards.

  • Possibility of future hobbies and career opportunities.

Start a Youth Club

Youth Garden Clubs can be organized through schools by class or student group; through pre-established clubs such as 4-H, Scouts, Campfire Girls, church youth groups, science and ecology clubs, Future Farmers of America, etc.; or, through home-school groups, daycare centers, after school centers, neighborhood associations – even a adult garden club member’s own children or grandchildren! Clubs could even be organized for the children of migrant workers or participants in hospital rehabilitation or disease treatment centers. Youth groups are organized by grade levels as shown below:

  • Pre-K

  • K-2

  • 3-5

  • 6-8

  • 9-12

  • Special Needs