“Sowing Seeds for Future Generations”

darene honeycutt, President

167 Hudsontown Road Dunn, N.C. 28334
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 910-567-6283 (H), 910-385-8398 (C)


Installation Acceptance Speech

This message will be brief due to time constraints.  I will elaborate more at the Fall Board Meeting and in the GCNC Newsletter about plans for this administration.  I would like to thank all the past presidents who have mentored me through the years and made today possible.  It is getting more difficult each year to find members to fill our leadership positions.  Please consider your gifts and talents and where you can best serve GCNC. 

The youth of today are the future members of our organization.  Educating our youth about garden club activities and cultivating a love for gardening is essential for our survival.  Sowing seeds now will pave the way for future scholarship recipients and garden club members.  Your support of the GCNC Engagement Calendar/Journal provides college scholarships for North Carolina students.

Covid-19 has certainly impacted our organization, but not all results were negative.  Interest in gardening activities increased.  New clubs were established.  Virtual learning and meetings brought many members into the world of technology.  Together we will overcome any setbacks from this past year.  A quarterly GCNC Newsletter will be sent to all members with email addresses.  Hopefully, The Gardener will be ready by July 1, 2021.

September 11-12, 2021 the GCNC Fall Board Meeting will be held at the Summit Conference Center located in the Haw River State Park.  This meeting promises to be affordable, informative, educational, and fun.  The entire facility has been reserved exclusively for GCNC as a Covid -19 precaution.  Mark this event in your calendar!  You don’t want to miss it!!!  Our time has been limited today so make plans to attend the Fall Board Meeting.

Join the 2021-23 administration as we reflect on our past, serve today’s members, and prepare for the future of GCNC.  Thanks for your support and service!

Darene Honeycutt
President:  The Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc.

DIRECTOR of South Atlantic Region of National Garden Clubs


Theme is: “Jump at Every Opportunity”

 Patricia D. Arndt, SAR Director

3364 Winchester Ave.
Martinsburg, WV. 25405
[email protected]

PRESIDENT of National Garden Clubs

www.gardenclub.org (Password no longer required)


Gay Austin, NGC President

405 Marion Ave.
McComb, MS 39648-2709
[email protected]
601-248-7661 (C)

Past Presidents

*1925-1927 ~ Miss Edna Maslin, Winston-Salem
*1927-1929 ~ Mrs. R. D. Gapen, Reidsille
*1929-1931 ~ Mrs. S. Halstead Tomlinson, High Point
*1931-1933 ~ Mrs. John P. Crammer, Wilmington
*1933-1935 ~ Mrs. Wesley Taylor, Greensboro
*1935-1937 ~ Mrs. H.R. Totten, Chapel Hill
*1937-1939 ~ Mrs. R.L. McMillan, Raleigh
*1939-1941 ~ Mrs. J. Buren Sidbury, Wilmington
*1941-1943 ~ Mrs. D. J. Lybrook, Winston Salem
*1943-1945 ~ Mrs. Robert T. Cecil, Asheville
*1945-1947 ~ Mrs. J.S. Mitchener, Raleigh
*1947-1949 ~ Mrs. Fred J. Bartlett, High Point
*1949-1951 ~ Mrs. James M. Tyler, Kinston
*1951-1953 ~ Mrs. Roy M. Homewood, Southern Pines
*1953-1955 ~ Mrs. E.A. Palmgren, Charlotte
*1955-1957 ~ Mrs. George W. Little, Lilesville
*1957-1959 ~ Miss Louise Ballard, Sylva
*1959-1961 ~ Mrs. J.B.A. Daughtridge, Rocky Mount
*1961-1963 ~ Mrs. P. Frank Haigler (formerly Mrs. Olin B. Sikes), Matthews
*1963-1965 ~ Mrs. Roscoe D. McMillan, Red Springs
*1965-1967 ~ Mrs. W.C. Landolina, Sr., Southern Pines
*1967-1969 ~ Mrs. L. Barrron Mills, Laurinburg
*1969-1971 ~ Mrs. John M. Reichard, Burlington

*1971-1973 ~ Mrs. W. Marion Odom, Ahoskie
*1973-1975  ~ Mrs. J. Ross Pringle, Burlington
*1975-1977 ~ Mrs. L. Phil Wicker, Greensboro
1977-1979  ~ Mrs. Graem Yates, Charlotte
*1979-1981  ~ Mrs. Keith D. Butson, Asheville
*1981-1983 ~ Mrs. James S. Moncrief, Jr.
1983-1985  ~ Mrs. Madison S. Yarbrough, Jr., Durham
*1985-1987 ~ Mrs. Frank A. Rodgers, Winston-Salem
1987-1989  ~ Mrs. Robert W. Lee, Jr., Statesville
*1989-1991 ~ Mrs. Elmer L. Swaim, Winston-Salem
1991-1993  ~ Mrs. Kenneth M. Daber, (Juanita), Mt. Airy
*1993-1995 ~ Mrs. Frank H. Valentine, Clyde
*1995-1997  ~ Mrs. James R. Garver, New Bern
1997-1999  ~ Mrs. Paul Kirkman, (Phebe), Winston-Salem
*1999-2001 ~ Dr. Rusty Van Pelt, Greensboro
2001-2003 ~  Mrs. Jane Barbot, Raleigh
*2003-2005 ~  Mrs. Anne Brown, Louisburg
2005-2007 ~  Mrs. Jackie Dellinger, Newton
2007-2009 ~  Mrs. Lila Petersen, Boone
2009-2011 ~  Mrs. Mary Lou Goodman, Statesville
2011-2013 ~  Judy Barnes, Charlotte
2013-2015 ~ Jenene Smith, Wilmington
2015-2015 ~ Judy Bond
2015- 2019 ~ Gail Hill, Greensboro
2019-2021 ~ Brenda Crocker, Rocky Mount
2021 ~ Darene Honeycutt

* Deceased