How to Make Paper Plant Pots

How to Grow Beans
How to Grow Beans Worksheet

Seed and Leaf Art (Fall Projects)

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

Butterfly Finger Puppet

Seed Bombs

Seed Saving Basics

10 Plants for Beginning Seed Savers


  • Swamp Juice Recipe for Halloween time with gummy worms

  • Grass in a CD Case – How to grow grass in CD case. Can see roots quick and easy.

  • Living Art stamp fruit and veg Painting with fruit and Veggie stamps. Great for small children

  • Ladybug Lore Stories of Ladybugs and how to make out of clay

  • Recycled Bird Feeders A DYI sheet for more bird feeders. Not much needed in materials and supplies. Quick project.

  • SOME FUN PLANT FACTS Interesting facts about plants in North Carolina a great addition of trivia while the children are working on a project or eating.

  • Blind finding a tree. This is a fun nature activity which will help to develop your sense of touch and smell. Both of these senses, along with all the others are very useful in the natural world. You will need to be around a few trees. A back yard or a park will work well.