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Each year The Garden Club of North Carolina publishes an annual “Engagement Calendar and Journal” in a 5 ½” x 8 ½”sized, full color, glossy paper spiral-bound booklet.  The pages are filled with educational and pictorial information, as well as monthly calendars. All of the photographs were created and provided by talented members of GCNC garden clubs, and they showcase gardens, plants and creative floral arrangement designs that were seen throughout the state.

More than just a calendar, and more than its gorgeous images, you will find helpful hints for both gardening and floral design throughout the book. It is a place to learn about this year’s North Carolina Wildflower of the Year, annually sponsored by the North Carolina Botanical Garden and the Garden Club of North Carolina. Here you will find narratives about winner of the current Maslin Award, Member of Honor, and the recipients of our scholarships.

Each month provides pages to record notes, and a double page for the month’s calendar. Use your calendar to record your daily schedule or turn it into a journal, perhaps keeping special events of the year, or even recording your garden’s year-long progress.

Calendars and Journals make great educational and inspirational gifts! The goals of the Garden Club of North Carolina include study of the art of gardening, horticulture, and floral design, as well as providing education, both for our members and for the general public. We all love plants and flowers – that is the passion that draws us to be a member of a garden club - and our Engagement Calendar enables us to share that passion with others.

All profits from the sale of our calendars goes to fund scholarships for North Carolina students who are studying horticulture or related fields at North Carolina universities.  Your purchase of the “Engagement Calendar and Journal” supports the next generation in conserving our natural environment.

Calendars are available at your State or District meeting without shipping charges and are available from your District Director for local pick-up. They may also be ordered for mail delivery directly through the GCNC Engagement Calendar Chairman, or our Office Headquarters, with the attached Order Form.

We encourage all members to enter photos for the next edition! 

For more information, please contact the GCNC Engagement Calendar Chairman.

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