Achievement Patch Program

GCNC Patch Requirements

Goal: To educate our youth about garden clubs and to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic development, environmental stewardship, and the history of GCNC.

Requirements for earning the patch include the following:

1-Garden Club Research

  1. Visit a local adult garden club meeting

  2. Learn about the club’s history; how has it changed through the years?

  3. Learn mission and goals of GCNC

  4. Visit the website:


  1. Plant a tree and watch it grow; record data of each season.

  2. Volunteer to work in a community garden, church or school garden

  3. Paint a flower pot and grow a plant.

  4. Plant a garden or container garden.


  1. Make a floral arrangement.

  2. Enter a flower show.

  3. Plant a Fairy Garden.

  4. Study the elements of design or attend a design class.


  1. Celebrate: Arbor Day or Earth Day

  2. Complete a community service project such as cleaning up litter.

  3. Complete a garden therapy project with a sick or elderly person.

  4. Promote National Garden Week (1st full week in June; a NGC project).


  1. Propagate a plant.

  2. Learn the plant parts.

  3. Learn about native plants.

  4. Learn why pollinators are important to plants.

6-Bird Project

  • Learn about your favorite bird.

  • Learn how birds help our gardens.

  • Research the cardinal.

  • Research the eastern bluebird.

  • Build a birdhouse.

  • Start a bluebird trail.


  1. Keep a gardening journal.

  2. Read The Frightened Frog from NGC and write a short summary. The Frightened Frog

  3. Attend a workshop about any aspect of gardening. Ex. 4-H or Master Gardener workshop.

  4. Start your own garden library or keep a log of garden books read.

8-Enter a GCNC youth program contest for individuals.

9-Enter a NGC youth program contest. NGC Youth Contests

10-Submit a book of evidence (scrapbook) to verify your work for the GCNC patch.

Submit Book of Evidence to: GCNC Youth Chairman


  • Grade K-3 must complete at least one requirement from each of the 10 categories.

  • Grade 4-6 must complete at least two requirements from each of the 10 categories.

  • Grade 7-9 must complete at least three requirements from each of the 10 categories.

  • Grade 10-12 must complete four or more of the requirements from each of the 10 categories.

This program is for the serious youth garden club members. The patch is earned by completing the work. The patch is free to the youth leader to present to youth who meet the requirements. The first shipment of patches was sponsored by: Honeycutt Enterprise, Inc.